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Please make sure to sign the waiver prior to participating in training and/or racing. 


  • Tuesday, Wednesday 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
  • Wednesday 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm


There will be 42 training opportunities available including 4 Wednesday night races (weather dependent).

It's gonna be EPIC!


See you soon! 

Class Definition

We are aligning the classes with combinations of age groups from the USSA and NASTAR programs, and there will be a bump system, so people can progress from B, to A, and then to Elite.

All classes will be subject to further review based upon the registrations we receive going into the fall. The committee has the authority to revise, adjust, or add to the classes as we see fit.

Kids 11 & under
Kids 12 to 17




18-34 A Women
18-34 A Men
18-34 B Women
18-34 B Men
35-59 A Women
35-59 A Men
35-59 B Women
35-59 B Men
60-69 A Women
60-69 A Men
60-69 B Women
60-69 B Men
70 & over A
70 & over B



  1. WMR exists to serve the participants as a fun, family-friendly program open to anyone. Unsportsmanlike conduct is not acceptable, and will be subject to action by the race jury
  2. Racers must wear helmets at all times while on the hill. Safety is of the utmost importance
  3. Course inspection opens as soon as the course is set, and closes 10 minutes before the scheduled start of the race
  4. Racers will start in the posted race order. Anyone who misses their start is subject to run at the end of their class or after completion of all classes
  5. Waivers must be signed as required by Wilmot Mountain
  6. Bibs must be worn visibly for all race runs
  7. Races will be scored and results will be posted within a half-hour after completion of a race. Protests must be made within ten minutes of the protested event results being posted
  8. Loss of one or both skis during a race results in a disqualification, unless it occurs within two gates of the finish
  9. Registration will be open on the morning of a race for one hour ending one hour before the start of the first race
  10. A racer who has been interfered with during their run must leave the course immediately and ask a race official for a re-run
  11. USSA rules will govern specific conditions, though the jury will have the final authority to resolve any and all issues
  12. Age and ability racer classifications are as listed in separate WMR documents, and are subject to revision by WMR